Attorney General’s Office Records Management Policy June 2013 Page 4 Records management Records management is an established theory and methodology for ensuring the systematic management of all records … Your business has approved and published an appropriate records management policy… This Policy forms part of a suite of policies and procedures that support an information governance framework. Records Retention & Disposal Schedules It is a fundamental requirement that all of the Trust’s records … An information management policy provides the authoritative statement of the principles for the management of the public inquiry records. Documents that will represent formal, compliant and trusted communications or records must be well-designed from the point of creation, using relevant naming conventions and document templates … Corporate Document and Records Management Policy … The UK’s independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the public interest, promoting openness by public bodies and data privacy for individuals. Document Management Policy . Records Management Policy 1 Introduction . Records Management and Retention Policy (IGP-03) Summary This Policy establishes principles for ensuring that the University implements effective records management, accounting for legislative, regulatory and best-practice requirements. And if you are looking for the latest travel information, and advice about the government response to the outbreak, go to the website. It need not be a lengthy document, but it is a statement of … 4.6 Records Management Committee The Records Management Committee is responsible for ensuring that the records management strategy is implemented and that the health records management … It applies to all Bank staff and to all records … records, in line with the Trust’s corporate records management function and the records retention and disposal policy. Records management policy and practice will seek to include the requirements of relevant national and international records management standards and codes of practice – including the Lord Chancellor’s Code of Practice on the management of records … It provides guidance on the retention and disposal of records … Purpose and Scope This policy outlines our responsibilities for the creation and management of records within the Bank of England. 7. IGP-05 . common law duty of confidence and must maintain records in the format set out in this policy. V2.2 14 April 2010 Records Management Group P6 – clarification of ‘diaries’ Sandra Fessey V2.3 25 May 2010 Information Governance Group P4 and 7 – insertion of IG Policies in policy lists Sandra … A record is defined in the Records Management … UNCLASSIFIED Bank of England Records & Information Management Policy 1 POLICY: Records Management 1 FileSite is an Electronic Document & Records Management System (EDRMS).