To install the blade, you simply need to insert it into the slot behind the shoe. When using a new saw, or one that is foreign to you, take some time to “test-run” it and get a feel for its performance. The saw comes with a blade that varies in length, depth, thickness, and a number of teeth. Orbital action is different however as it adds a bit of wiggle to things. This is where things like speed and that circular action come into play, and again, it’s going to vary depending on what you’re working with and the tool in question. That includes regular old pieces of wood along with some interesting materials. Occasionally, you might need to change the blade on your reciprocating saw to fit the task at hand. This will lead to perfect cutting results and prevent possible injuries. Safety Glasses Hard Hats High Visibility Safety Vests Hearing Protection Respirators Gloves. From trimming tree branches to cutting pipe, see how to handle a reciprocating saw. While cutting, you might need to get a quick glance at something. If that’s the case, you just need to lift the “key” and insert the blade, then push it back again to lock it in place. If you’ve purchased a reciprocating saw, I’d say there is a very high chance that you’re aware of how to use it. Just keep in mind that these saws vibrate so keep that saw snug against your stock. Best Corded Circular Saws: Which One Should You Pick? A large percentage of injuries that occur while using power tools like the reciprocating saw can be prevented with the right safety gear. While not razor sharp, there’s no flesh detector on Sawzall so you’ll want to use caution at all times. Organisational Safety and Wellbeing. Splinters hurt and metal shavings can embed themselves in your hands without you even noticing. Organisational Safety and Wellbeing. Plus, with the introduction of FLEXVOLT® reciprocating saws, DEWALT has changed the world of cordless construction tools. This rapid friction causes the blade to get really hot during tasks. You can accidentally press the trigger button causing the blade to hit you, so turn off your machine. Need to slice through some nails? A variable speed selector wheel, operated from the trigger, is provided to control the Leaving your saw on while you attempt to change the blade can cause serious injuries. Dewalt designed it so it can be used for different applications by simply decreasing the length, thus making it compact and easy to use in tight or close quarters. safe. Skilsaw SPT44A-00 13A Reciprocating Saw. When it comes to reciprocating saw safety, we have a few simple tips to keep in mind. Safety lock switch; LED work light, adjustable shoe and hang hook. So, either you are a beginner or a veteran with using the reciprocating saw, you need to learn how to use the power tool safely. Keep your fingers out of the way. There are no nuts to deal with, and no special tools are required on most modern saws. For instance, cutting wood requires a coarse blade while cutting metal requires a fine blade. Utilizing a POWERSTATE Brushless Motor and a best in class 7/8 in. $39.99. [ … The wrong blade won’t tear up your saw, but it could damage the blade or destroy the material you are trying to cut through. This refers to a particular type of motion made by a blade. In stock on January 17, 2021. . In other cases, you may be able to set the speed beforehand if it doesn’t have a variable speed trigger. Use a Sharp Blade. A large percentage of injuries that occur while using power tools like the reciprocating saw can be prevented with the right safety gear. So, apply little pressure on the trigger when you start cutting and increase the pressure on the trigger to increase the speed and power of the blade as you go on. You need to pay close attention to what you are doing. Hold reciprocating saw with both hands. It is a very handy tool…. Enjoy the rest of your day and remember, there isn’t such a thing as “being too careful.” Have a great sawing experience. Debris on the surface can change the direction of the blade rapidly. STUDY. Remember sabre saws cut on the up stroke. Milwaukee remains committed to further re-designing and upgraded their original Sawzall. If you’re on the fence about choosing a model, be sure to give our list of the best reciprocating saws a look as it features a nice mix of both cordless and corded models at a variety of price points. In this section, we’re going to tell you how to use a reciprocating saw and get things set up properly for any material. Test. It is the part of the reciprocating saw that holds the blade firmly in place while working. When it comes to reciprocating saw safety, we have a few simple tips to keep in mind. It’s a workhorse that gets its name from the short, back-and-forth cutting stroke of the blade. All are self-explanatory, and if you need more help, we go in-depth in our guide to the best reciprocating saw blades. If the blade on your reciprocating saw is dull or otherwise not sharp, it may … Reviewed August 2018 V1. By design, it is a simple tool to handle. Uncontrolled when printed. A reciprocating saw is a widely used power tool in woodworking and construction. The blade is exposed so you can direct it into tight spaces. When possible, use the shortest blade you can get by with. Electrocution if you are using a corded reciprocating saw. The following points will help you achieve the best possible cutting results with your reciprocating saw. DO NOT use this machine unless a teacher has instructed you in its safe use and operation and has given permission. Luckily, this post will teach that and more. While reciprocating saws are not for everyone, they can still be a helpful tool to keep around the house. Always wear eye, dust, and hearing protection. The DeWalt DCS387B can be bought in the following two options – the reciprocating saw on its’ own, and a package which includes both the saw and additional blades. Reviewed August 2018 V1. A clear, well-lit work area is crucial to your safety as well as that of … Either way, ensure to stop cutting and turn off the saw before you do so. A Journeyman’s Guide to Saws for the Hobbyist. Keep the material you are cutting locked firmly. One of the amazing features of the reciprocating saw is that you can adjust the speed of the blade using the trigger. To make plunge cutting easier, use a heavy gauge blade, install the blade with the teeth facing upward, and hold the saw upside down. Use a lubricant if you are working on metal. Reciprocating Saw Scraper Blades Scraper blades are installed in a reciprocating saw to scrape wallpaper, tile, glue, linoleum, and other materials. Always make sure you can see what you’re cutting or at least know what’s behind it. Yet using a reciprocating saw, and doing so safely, are two entirely different things. 5 Best Random Orbital Sanders: Don’t Buy Without Reading This! Just because a reciprocating saw blade isn’t razor sharp, doesn’t mean it can’t cut you. PLAY. The correct blade for the task: using the wrong blade with your reciprocating saw for your task can lead to poor results, cause injuries, and damage your equipment. That also brings us to our next point… gloves. Reciprocating Saw Safety Exam. Safety starts with how you use your reciprocating saw, and the proper use of it. Due to the high speeds, these blades can heat up, and some can become uncomfortably hot when dull. DEWALT® offers jobsite professionals a full line of reciprocating saws that meet every cutting need. Do you want your saw to wiggle as you try to slice through metal? So, always use a blade that fits the task. Since the saw can be loud while it’s cutting through material, put in … Using Your Reciprocating Saw Safely. Especially when you get to those dreadful doors and tricky windows which are difficult to do with other tools. I’m sure by now, you should know how to use your reciprocating saw safely. We’ve often said that a cordless drill is a tool everyone should have at their disposal. Reciprocating Saws The reciprocating saw can be used to cut metal, pipe, wood, nail-embedded wood and other materials. So, touching the blade in the middle of a task not only puts you at risk of getting cut but also getting burned, literally. That is common sense, but the first thing we feel the need to mention. You will know when it’s locked in properly; just make sure the blade is inserted the right way. Earnings Disclaimer: When you buy certain products from some of the sites which we link to, Woodwork Boss receives a commission. Portable circular saws must have an upper guard that covers the entire blade of the saw and a retractable lower guard. Leather gloves, eye protection, dust masks, and steel-capped boots are highly recommended when using a reciprocating saw. Some common injuries experienced by woodworkers while using the reciprocating saw include: The simple answer is to be vigilant and careful when using the power tool. All are self-explanatory, and if you need more help, we go in-depth in our guide to the, If you’re on the fence about choosing a model, be sure to give our list of the. A reciprocating saw isn’t used as a fine crafting tool. Keep the base or shoe of the saw in firm contact with the stock being cut. Tips and pointers while using a reciprocating saw. Avoid touching the edge of the blade with bare hands. [ 29 CFR 1926.304 (d)] Hand-held circular, reciprocating, saber, scroll, and jig saws with blades greater than one-fourth inch must be equipped with a constant-pressure control. By allowing the blade to move in a circular motion, which in turn gets chips out of the quickly as you cut. The reciprocating saw packs a great deal of power and speed that makes it a top choice for cutting just about any material. Reciprocating Saw Safety Tips – Top Advice for YouDuring the ordinary course of your life, you are likely to be faced with construction and remodeling tasks. Always put on safety gear. Reciprocating-saw blades make aggressive cuts in wood, metal, and other materials, so they are not intended for making precision or finish cuts. Don’t kill your skill saw blade; just use your reciprocating saw. He now enjoys researching DIY tools and writing guides about it. The corded and cordless reciprocating saws have the power and performance to stand up to even the toughest jobs. You also want to ensure that your blade is sharp enough. This means it’s vital to learn how to use a reciprocating saw safely even if you are a pro because accidents can happen to anyone at any time. This involves taking into account different factors. Keep your fingers out of the way. Due to its swiftness in cutting, these units are also suitable for emergency rescues when there is a necessity to cut through a material without the need for high precision. This leads to more speed, aggressiveness, and power. Gravity. ... Department of Education. Whereas a skill saw is used for finer cuts and table saws are great for ripping, a reciprocating saw will be your new best friend if you need to tear something apart quickly. 5 Best Sprayers For Deck Stain – Learn How to Stain a Deck? A stroke length of around 3/4 of an inch is typical of smaller reciprocating saws designed for short blades. The vent of the reciprocating saw is usually at the side of the machine. Hercules. Even if you keep your digits out of the way, you still need to protect your hands from debris. Using the wrong blade can damage the blade, resulting in poor cuts, and can cause serious injuries to the user. To use the reciprocating saw in an awkward position. The first time a reciprocating saw appeared was in the 1940s. Press the shoe of the saw against the material you are working on. Keep the electrical cord out of the way of the cut being made. This saw is all a Sawzall can possibly be in this era of tool technology, and there isn’t much more one could ask for in a reciprocating saw. Again, how you go about this could vary but most reciprocating saws worth their salt has a keyless system in place. You want the blade to start while it’s gently resting on the metal, not away from it. If you already own a saw, just keep reciprocating saw safety in mind. Once you know what you plan to cut, it’s time to pick out a good blade and go to work. Both blades have the same structure, but the blade of the reciprocating saw is powered by a motor. It’s true, most reciprocating saws go “in and out” of their housing in a normal stroke pattern which allows them to slice through tough materials. Before you can install a blade, you have to pick one out. It does not have to be fresh out of the pack, but it should still have an edge. Once you’ve got a good start, you can go full blast. If the blade isn’t firmly fixed into the chuck, it can surge out unexpectedly when you turn on the saw causing bodily harm. „Be familiar with your power tools. Reciprocating saws are a bit fearsome if you are unfamiliar with the tool, but don't worry - our guide will teach you all you need to know about how to use a reciprocating saw. A shorter blade will give you a straighter cut, and you won’t have to deal with wiggle or flex. The shoe is the little piece of metal that sits between the blade and the opening at the end of the saw. You’ll also want to ensure the battery is removed or the saw is unplugged if you need to do any maintenance. The saw chuck varies in design according to the saw. 2. The reciprocating saw is versatile. Longer blades are more flexible, and that’s not a good thing in reciprocating saws. safe. While cutting, the blade moves really fast through the material being cut. If your cut isn’t going in line with the points you marked out, adjust the blade and start again. This versatile piece of equipment uses up-and-down motions to cut through just about anything, from backyard shrubbery to metal. Let’s examine some of these factors and safety measures to follow when using the reciprocating saw. M18 FUEL 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless HACKZALL Reciprocating Saw (Tool-Only) The Milwaukee 2719-20 M18 FUEL HACKZALL is The Milwaukee 2719-20 M18 FUEL HACKZALL is the fastest cutting and most powerful one-handed design reciprocating saw. Angle Grinder, Reciprocating Saw, Oscillating Tool, Brad Nailer - Safety Protection Tech, Share Battery for KIMO 20V Tools 4.6 out of 5 stars 95. These are your best bet against possible injuries while using the reciprocating saw. If you are using a corded saw (corded saws are electrically powered), ensure the blade doesn’t come in contact with the cord to prevent electrocution. More often than not, that’s what you’ll find in mid-range models as well as the top of the line saws. When in doubt, use wood for wood, metal for metal and a “general” blade for anything else. Leather gloves, eye protection, dust masks, and steel-capped boots are highly recommended when using a reciprocating saw. Keep Your Work Area Safe. Match. B. Reciprocating Saw Safety 1. RECIPROCATING SAW. M12™ System. Secure and support stock as close as possible to the cutting line to avoid vibration. It all depends on the saw as well. rpangburn. Well, that is especially true when working with metal. Until later that is, but that won’t be an issue if you wear gloves. The teeth on the blade face downward, and the “open” design allows you to get a bite on almost anything. You’ll also want to start slow. Use care … You can also slice right through metal with proper blade, something you can’t do with other types of saws. We’ll get to the safety tips soon enough, but first, we’re going to tell you just how useful these tools are and how to go about setting one up. The vent prevents overheating in the machine while it’s being used by allowing heat to pass through it. Michael is the Editor at By doing this, you can start the cut without worrying about the saw jumping around and scoring the metal outside of your cut line. This means you will be working with different sharp objects and hard materials which can cause injuries. Reciprocating saws are powerful, and able to cut through tough materials like hardwood, masonry, fiberglass, drywall, metals, ceramics, and much more. Turn off the reciprocating saw when you want to make changes, Avoid the blade coming in contact with the wire or cord, Avoid touching or placing your hand over the vent, Ensure the blade is well fixed into the saw chuck before you begin cutting. The Dewalt DWE357 reciprocating saw is a beastly reciprocating saw cased in a very compact body. To ground the saw properly. Once you have the blade picked out and you’re ready to rock, you need to put that shoe on the metal and snug things up. MX Fuel™ Equipment System. Before you attempt any changes, it’s vital to completely turn off and unplug the saw. It is more creative to cut the curved design like beveling, crosscut, ripping, and purge cuts. About | Contact | Earnings disclaimer | Terms of service | Privacy policy. The blade of a reciprocating saw looks like the blade that comes with a bread knife. "Buzzkill" tech greatly reduces vibration. Put on safety glasses that completely cover your eyes any time you start working with a reciprocating saw so you stand protected. Now that you know how to use a reciprocating saw, you can see they aren’t nearly as nasty as they seem. Learn. Reciprocating saw used for demolition work where the jigsaw is used for more delicate jobs. This 120-volt equipment may require a grounded outlet, do not modify plug. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. This is not just to prevent cuts but burns too. Follow these safety guidelines when using reciprocating saws: „Do not allow anyone to use a saw that has not been properly instructed and approved in the processes of its safe operation. A dirty surface can be dangerous while cutting. The reciprocating saw can be used to make plunge cuts into softer material, (for example, wood or light building materials for walls), without a starting hole. We won’t go into all the details, but there are blades for wood, metal and general purpose blades as well. We’ll be looking at the reciprocating saw itself, so let’s discuss below what some of the best features of the DCS387B are. You also can check our reviews for Milwaukee and DeWalt reciprocating saws. It may be the furniture you are building, the blueprint of your project or someone calls for your attention. Wood chips and other debris tend to fly when you’re using a reciprocating saw, so keep your peepers covered at all times. Also, make sure the power source is far away from any conductor that can cause harm to you or anyone around the work station. This saw will vibrate a lot during operation and must be held tightly to keep the cut on unsafe. This can cause kickbacks and uneven cuts. Looking away while cutting is risky to you and to your task. This cannot be overemphasized. What Tools Do You Need to Safely Use a Reciprocating Saw? Keep your hands, feet and all other body parts clear of the blade at all times. Don’t kill your skill saw blade; just use your reciprocating saw. Its few demands for safe use, however, are very important. stroke length, the M18 FUEL HACKZALL cuts up to 50% … How To Cut Concrete Block With Circular Saws? Reciprocating Saw Uses and Safety Tips You are here: Home » Resources » Articles » Reciprocating Saw Uses and Safety Tips As the ultimate demolition tool, a reciprocating saw is a must-have in any workshop. work or shoe. All of these attributes are amazing perks in the hands of a woodworker. A reciprocating saw is also ideal for new construction or remodeling. Some reciprocating saws just have one speed and are workhorses that spring to life when you pull that trigger. If you want to help support Shannon to produce more videos like this, visit Looking to buy a recip saw? 20v Lithium-Ion Cordless Reciprocating Saw with Keyless Chuck and LED - Tool Only It can be used to cut a wide array of materials like pipes, wood, metal, and so on. The DeWalt reciprocating saw is an industrial tool for cutting wood, as well as steel, aluminum, copper, and other metals. Therefore, it’s important to protect yourself from any possible injuries using the tools below. If you have never held a reciprocating saw in your hands, you’re going to be in for a surprise at some reciprocating saw uses. Do not use the saw without the shoe for secure control and to avoid damage to the tool and blade. Reciprocating saws can kick back and throw scraps of material. The Types of Injuries That Can Result From Using a Reciprocating Saw Wrong. 3. You may think cutting a hole in your drywall a good idea, but you have to know what’s behind that wall first. The reciprocating saw is largely used for cutting various materials ranging from wood to metal. This means you can’t get distracted while cutting. The pressure from your weight on the shoe of the saw holds the saw against the material firmly. Terms in this set (15) To use low carbon steel blades for cutting metal. It can handle various types of pipe with ease as well and will make short work of tree branches big and small. Reciprocating saws are a bit fearsome if you are unfamiliar with the tool, and they are something that should definitely be handled with care. You’ll also want to wear safety glasses for the same reasons. Some models allow you to fine tune the orbital action while it’s basically one speed on others. Remember what we said about using the right blade? How To Use a Reciprocating Saw To Cut Wood? Write. Need to slice through some nails? We won’t go into all the details, but there are blades for wood, metal and general purpose blades as well. The vent is usually one of the hottest parts of the saw, so placing your hand over it can cause heat burns especially if you are not using gloves or protective clothing. That is common sense, but the first thing we feel the need to mention. With Woodwork Boss you’ll learn the techniques and get the blueprints you need to build awesome woodworking projects… Put your hands to work, get some exercise, and impress your friends! Wear eye protection at all times when using the reciprocating saw. This cannot be overemphasized. They can make quick work out of a variety of materials and handle tasks you wouldn’t dare attempt with other saws. 5 Best Tool Belt For Drywallers 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide, Best Paint Gun For Beginners: Easy To Use Paint Sprayers, 4 Best Cordless Heat Guns: Work Outside Without any Problem, 5 Best Sander for Trim Work: Reviews & Buyers Guide, Best Belt Disc Sanders: Don’t Buy Without Reading This. When doing demolition on the job or around your home, you also need to keep wiring and pipes in mind. As we mentioned, these saws can be a little rough for beginners. A Sawzall (Reciprocating Saw) blade cutting through the wood. However, the increased speed, power, and aggressiveness can also cause injuries if the saw isn’t properly handled. Some would argue that the reciprocating saw belongs on that same tier. Best Table Saw Fences: 5 Different Models Reviewed, Best Cordless Bandsaws: Take Your Tool Everywhere With You, 5 Best Cordless Jigsaw: Detailed Review And FAQ’s, 5 Best 14-inch Bandsaws: Detailed Review & Buying Guide. You can also slice right through metal with, Before you can install a blade, you have to pick one out. The blade is pushed under the material being removed and the movement of the saw provides a back-and-forth motion to lift the material from the surface. Measure and mark out the parts you want to cut. Warning blade gets very hot during use. It can handle various types of pipe with ease as well and will make short work of tree branches big and small. M18™ System. It is advisable to start slow while cutting, then gradually increase the speed of the blade. Cordless Systems. We thought not, and it’s not a good idea to use orbital model if you need to make any precise cuts. Enough … Thankfully, changing blades in a reciprocating saw is extremely simple. We’re not going to debate that this time around in a tool shootout, but we will tell you how to use a reciprocating saw the right way. A lubricant: if you are working on metal, it’s advisable a lubricant like “the lapping fluid.” The function of the lubricant is to allow smooth movement between the blade of the circular saw and the metal surface you are working on. This prevents unnecessary movement of the blade and the piece you are working on. Hold the saw firmly with both hands when making cuts. Flashcards. Cleaning rags: this is used to clean the surface area you are working on and apply lubricant on the blade. They may have a trigger lock to help keep your finger fresh, but you may not have to deal with other settings at all. This style of saw isn’t particularly heavy, and as you can clearly see, there is no blade guard. Use extreme caution: The blade is very sharp! Just because a reciprocating saw blade … Safety gear: this includes a pair of quality leather gloves, eye protection (goggles), earplugs, dust masks, and boots. There are different blades that best fit each material you want to cut. They are used in reciprocating saws and use a back-and-forth motion to make straight and curved cuts. Created by. Because of this feature, you can use it in situations where other saws would be slow, impractical or pose a greater safety risk. Reciprocating saws are often used by construction workers, especially during the demolition projects. Be sure to leave a comment below and check out other posts on this website. Spell. Reciprocating Saw Scraper Blade Sets These tools are used on construction sites around the globe for demolition due to their versatility. A reciprocating saw with a longer stroke length, combined with an aggressive blade and high SPM, makes short work of many demolition jobs. He used to own a local shop where he sold different tools for 20+ years. Both of these activities involve the use of hard construction materials including wood, ceramic tiles, metal, and cast iron, which you will frequently need to cut through to ensure […] Reciprocating saw safety tips. This means you can cut faster with less effort, but only with specific types of materials.
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